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Crocodile laying on sandbank

Fifteen lions drink at a water hole as a herd of elephants approaches.

The first arrival is a giant bull with long, heavy tusks. The lions are hungry and circle the bull, who whips around with his ears pinned back and thrusts his trunk high with a shrill trumpet. There is an uneasy tension around the water hole as the lions back away to a rock kopje.

The magnificent bull sucks up gallons of water into his trunk, curls the end into his mouth, and drinks deeply as water dribbles down his chin.

Five lionesses materialize behind him. He senses them, spins around with a shrill scream, and lunges forward, flapping his ears. They scatter, except for a lioness who stands her ground and roars as her drool splatters the muddy ground. This fires up the other lions, who circle the bull with hunting grunts and snarls.

Are you ready to experience the circle of life?

Predators & Big Elephant Herds

Itinerary in Detail

Day One


Karen Blixen Coffee Garden & Cottages room

Fly into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi (NBO) and be met by one of our specialist guides. They’ll handle your luggage and escort you to Karen Blixen Coffee Garden & Cottages, a luxury boutique hotel in Karen. Each room has its own living room and fireplace.

(1 night)
Daybed at Sanctuary Olonana Camp

After breakfast, your chartered flight is to the Maasai Mara’s Sanctuary Olonana Camp.

This exceptional luxury safari lodge is on a private stretch of the Mara River within the Mara Triangle, where the famous last scene from “Out of Africa” was filmed.

Once you’ve settled in, a game drive with sundowners is planned before dinner. Take in a luxurious 2-hour Signature Salutation massage per person at their spa.

(4 nights)

Day Two

Sanctuary Olonana Camp, Maasai Mara

Day Three

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Balloon safari in the Maasai Mara

An early morning balloon safari with Balloon Safaris Ltd. includes champagne and a made-to-order hot breakfast by their Chef once you land.

If you spot some cool wildlife action from the air, let us know once we pick you up, and we’ll head in that direction.

The Chef and his team prepare a special bush breakfast with hot drinks and sparkling wine. You never know what wildlife you’ll see while dining.

A game drive is along the Kenya – Tanzania border for extraordinary wildebeest photo opportunities.

Day Four

Bush Breakfast & Game Drive

Day Five

Maasai Cultural Experience & Bush Dining

Bush dinner, Olonana Camp

Experience the wide-open savannah grasslands. Because this is the largest park in Kenya, encompassing 580 square miles (1,502 sq. km), there is a lot of ground to cover, including riverine forests along the Mara River and its ecosystem. Dead wildebeests float by, and crocodiles eat those that didn’t make it across.

Photo tip: Since much of wildlife photography is based on capturing fleeting moments, it pays to be able to predict your subject’s behavior beforehand.

After the day’s game drive, we will stop at a Maasai manyatta (village) to watch the moran warrior’s traditional jumping dance called adumu, which means jumping in a competitive dance. The higher the jump, the stronger the moran is perceived to be.  Thus, he gains more respect, admiration, and attention from the women.

A special bush dinner is on your last night in the Mara. The camp’s 5-star Chef prepares an unforgettable dinner as you relax by the campfire with sundowners while overlooking the Mara River as hippos serenade the event.

If it’s elephants you want, then Amboseli is the place, home to over 1,500 East African elephants. 

Where else can you watch numerous herds in the foothills of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro?
Elephant drinking from waterhole
Tortilis Camp

A chartered flight takes you to Amboseli National Park and Tortilis Camp by Elewana Collection. It’s the best safari camp in Amboseli National Park, with views of Kilimanjaro.

Dine while watching elephants eat in the nearby wetlands.

(4 nights)

Day Six

Flight to Amboseli

Day Seven

Kilimanjaro Balloon Safari

Kilimanjaro balloon safari

Yes, you’re doing two balloon safaris on this trip, as each Park’s terrain and wildlife vary. This provides an inclusive African balloon safari experience.

An early morning balloon safari with Kilimanjaro Balloon Safaris includes champagne and a made-to-order hot breakfast by their Chef in the bush.

Your game drive explores Amboseli’s wetlands with many elephant herds and predators, including sundowners at dusk.

Crowned crane

Amboseli’s ecosystem is home to hundreds of exotic birds like the East African crowned cranes, which are monogamous and pair for life. During the breeding season, males and females participate in graceful and elaborate mating dances.

A 2-hour guided walking safari lets you get up close and personal with wildlife, offering many extraordinary photo opportunities.

Day Eight

Walking Safari

Day Nine

Maasai Celebration Journey Massage & Private Dinner

Lion resting in grass

Indulge in a 90-minute Maasai Celebration Journey massage per person.

After the day’s game drive, a romantic private dinner is planned for your last night overlooking the wetlands by firelight. The menu is prepared by the camp’s 5-star Chef while you relax with sundowners as the sun paints the horizon in the gathering dusk.

The Captain added 2 hours to your flight as he has an extraordinary air safari planned on your way out of Kenya. He’ll fly low around Amboseli’s wetlands, and lake, then continue into the Rift Valley for a scenic flight along the escarpment and the Kenya – Tanzania border. He’ll fly over a surprise location and finish with a low flight over Lake Magadi and climb out to Nairobi.

Exclusive use of a bush plane or helicopter is available upon request. It allows you to fly daily within the itineraries locations.

Day Ten

Air Safari Returning to Nairobi


  • A private chartered bush plane for transport, based on the itinerary.
  • Everything mentioned on the itinerary.
  • Premium sundowners during game drives.
  • Healthy snacks during game drives and bottled water.
  • Private game drives.
  • Park fees.
  • Full board with select alcohol.
  • Wi-Fi
  • The Geoffrey Kent Suite at Mara Olonana is a secluded, ultra-luxury ensuite with 2 bedrooms next to the Mara River.  It includes a private butler, a Chef, a private wrap-around deck, an infinity pool, a fully stocked bar with premium drinks, a private lounge, and a dining area.   (They only have one, based on availability)
  • A specialist guide or safari nurse/guide.


  • International flights, visas, covid tests, tips, incidentals, etc.
  • A helicopter is available upon request.
  • Travel and medical insurance.

If your safari lodge or camp is sold out, we use a comparable property in location, price and services. Alternate dates are helpful.

Solo and groups of any size are encouraged to enquire.
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