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Elephant, Amboseli

Anything Can Happen in the Bush

The following bush action isn’t guaranteed. However, it can be experienced if you’re in the right place at the right time with a professional safari guide.

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Watching buffalo herd on horseback safari

A pride of lions lay asleep in the shade of heavy thickets. Grazing sounds wake them, and they stare in disbelief at a Cape buffalo herd a short distance away.

The lions spot an easy kill and use the long grass as cover to stealthily creep forward. They pause when a dominant bull sniffs the wind, flaps his ears, and bellows a warning that danger is suspected but not confirmed. The lions sink to the ground motionless and wait. The big bull settles down as the lions inch forward.

Their target is a young bull who wandered from the herd. Two lionesses charge and swiftly cripple the buffalo. Another materializes from the opposite direction, lunges for him, sinks her claws and fangs into his neck, and brings him down with a crash.

The male lions stride to the kill and settle in to feed while the lionesses wait…

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Horseback safari riders in line

Two bull elephants are in a deadly battle. They separate, back up, and stare at each other with ears standing straight out, quivering with rage.

The big bull shakes his head, slaps his ears against his body, raises his tusks, screams, and charges from close range. Their skulls collide with an echoing “thwack” as the ground trembles.

The big bull’s tusks have deadly curves, and with a furious swipe, he impales the other bull’s shoulder. A deep, bloody gash and squeal of pain temporarily paralyzes the younger.

The bull relentlessly presses forward, pushing his rival back until he runs for tree cover, spins around for a quick look, flaps his ears, and trumpets before melting into the frightfully thick undergrowth. The big bull follows…

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