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Giraffe bending down to drink
A young Sea Davidson with a Maasai

Sea Davidson

The Big Boss

Sea grew up in Maasai country and has a long history with Kenya. She handles initial inquiries and books your safari:

Sea lives between Kenya and the US. Download WhatsApp, and call her free from any international location, as long as you have Wi-Fi.
  • US Phone, MST: +1 575 642 9605
  • Kenya Phone: +254 0796 921 356
  • Email:
Patricia Nardone, safari nurse

Patricia Nardone

Safari Nurse, Support Specialist & Specialist Guide

Safari nurse, support specialist, and a specialist guide, Patricia has extensive management and medical backgrounds.
  • US Phone: +1 503 421 4824 directly or WhatsApp
  • Email:

African Wild Dog Conservation

Did you know that African wild dogs are known as African painted dogs or the African painted wolf?

Wild dogs have been systematically extirpated in Africa by poaching, bounties, and traps, making them one of the most endangered mammals on the planet.

Revelations about each dog’s reliance on the pack for protection, predation, and parenting means every dog matters in its bid for survival.

"Saving painted dogs is about far more than just the dogs. Really, it's all about people."

Peter Blinston, Executive Director
Painted Dog Conservation
Wild dog twins

Our Safari Team are Professionals with 145 Years of Combined Safari Experience

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