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In Kenya, many camps and lodges have an electric fence around them. In Tanzania, they do not, as they prefer to let the animals walk where they will. Rest assured that your safety is always first on their minds.  All camps maintain guards along the paths from the lodges to the rooms, the only places accessed at night for guests’ safety and security. Additional guards patrol the circumference of the camp. The camps post signs that say, “Use common sense when outside.” “Always walk at night with an armed guard.” Etc…

From a Fodor’s member:

“Not once do I remember feeling nervous anywhere, but I was careful to read all signs, to pay attention to what our safari director told us, and to always walk with an escort, especially in Tanzania at night. We were to walk only the paths from the lodge to the rooms. There are many security guards along those paths at regular intervals.”

Lynda S

Yes, wildlife does walk through the camps. The camp’s security works 24/7 and keeps a watchful eye on the bush. And when an elephant heads towards the dining area to look for snacks, the guests have already been moved. 

In the dark of the night, hippos serenade you until dawn as they noisily munch on the grass near your tent, or the laughter of hyenas drifts on the wind from a distance.

If you require additional security, we can hire two Maasai moran (warriors) to guard your tent all night. When one moran takes a break, the other covers for him.

Many of the Tanzania camps offer a whistle to the clients upon check-in. So if you have an emergency in the middle of the night, blow your whistle, and a moran will shortly appear. It’s best to bring your own whistle.

Each camp has a security guard at the entrance, and the gate is closed until the guest arrives. He checks your name to verify your reservation before lifting the barrier to let you pass through.

If you have exclusive use of a camp, our security team will work with your security team. We keep out any unauthorized persons not on the camp’s list. Our team reviews and controls this list prior to your arrival and during your stay. Drop-ins and paparazzi will be barred from entering.

Sea Davidson

Sea Davidson started Wild Dog Safaris to raise the bar in Africa’s luxury safari business. She aimed high. Sea is the majority owner, CEO, Director of Sales & Marketing, a Security Guide, professional safari guide, Emergency Medical Technician, bush pilot, and one of your specialist guides.

Our Safari Team are Professionals with 145 Years of Combined Safari Experience

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