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In the heart of Africa’s untamed wilderness, the spirit of adventure thrives, and the call of the wild echoes with every heartbeat. This is where you will find a luxury safari experience that is different.

Whether you are luxury or ultra, you both have something in common: you want the best safari loaded with luxury in rugged, remote locations, with awesome safari camps, professional safari guides, fine dining, exceptional customer service, security, integrity, a minimum of people, premium drink packages, and to be flown in and out by private aircraft. You want quality time to view big game, apex predators, and rare exotic birds.

Premier Wilderness Locations

Some high-end safari camps and lodges are located outside the parks in conservancies. You will need to weigh the logistics. If so, there will be long drive times to and from the parks. You must check in daily at the gates and leave by 6:00 pm. And if you want a morning balloon safari, you often have a 2-hour drive to the launch site, leaving at 4 am to get in the park and make that flight.

These exterior luxury safari camps promote their conservancies for your game drives. That may be fine for a day or two, but what about quality time in the game park where you came to safari? Some conservancies have a lot of wildlife, whereas others are marginal. It depends on their locations and conservation efforts.

Secluded, Sophisticated Havens in the African Bush

That being said, there are always exceptions, like our Tanzania Legendary Expeditions safari that uses Mwiba Lodge. It’s a secluded, sophisticated haven set among massive stone boulders overlooking a rocky gorge on the Arugusinyia River in the Mwiba Wildlife Reserve Conservation Area.

This area is remote, rugged bush country, and the ultimate bush plane flying, which you have exclusive use of. Your pilot will fly you over this vast area to show you big herds of giraffes, Cape buffalos, and the Great Wildebeest Migration, which travel through Mwiba, followed by the attending predators. This reserve is off the grid. When leaving Mwiba, you’re flown to the Serengeti for the next Legendary safari camp.

Private Flights to Your Safari Camp

Luxury safaris typically use luxury safari camps and private bush planes in and out. Some safaris are not conducive to bush planes, like our remote Uganda safari, as the airstrips are one to two hours away from camp. Thus, it’s a helicopter safari.

Ultra-luxury safaris want ultra safari camps, and often with exclusivity. Helicopters are the preferred mode of travel in and out due to convenience, flexibility, prestige, and the time element.

Sea Davidson

Sea Davidson started Wild Dog Safaris to raise the bar in Africa’s luxury safari business. She aimed high. Sea is the majority owner, CEO, Director of Sales & Marketing, a Security Guide, professional safari guide, Emergency Medical Technician, bush pilot, and one of your specialist guides.

Our Safari Team are Professionals with 145 Years of Combined Safari Experience

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